Since leaving the nest, I’ve had the priviledge to live in many different parts of the world and experience their unique cuisines and eating habits. And it is this I want to share with you, as food is always better when shared with others.

First and foremost, just so we are clear on what is to be expected, this blog is intended for those that want to or like to cook and are looking for inspiration. It is not for those striving to gain a Michelin star, or any form of prestige for that matter. It’s about how to make healthy, yet satisfyingly good, food with ingredients that can be found in your local (super)market; where to find food worth tasting outside of your own kitchen; as well as the occasional random rant on the subject of what people put in their mouths these days. Now that that’s all cleared up, let’s begin…


  1. Perhaps the(‘denegrated and often sadly despised by carnivores’) veggies and vegans might sometimes be permitted to vary the recipes? Sacrilege I know to the meat eaters among you but perhaps to start by suggesting substituting the beef in this recipe by mushrooms?? Hope this doesn’t offend too much and hope that ‘we or maybe just I’? will be allowed to add some non meat or animal based recipes to your wonderful collection so far. Well done Gloria and you all!


    • At the end of the day, how you choose to cook and what you choose to eat is up to you. I still stand firmly beside the idea that everyone should eat a variety of foods, which includes meat, simple because that’s what it means to have a well rounded diet. You can’t completely ignore an entire food group and say that it’s eating healthy.


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