Best part of waking up…

goodmorningI am not a morning person.

If I’ve got something I have to get done, chances are you’ll find me burning the midnight oil in effort to avoid having to unroll myself from my cocoon of sheets and duvets the next morning. Unfortunately, the career path I’ve chosen doesn’t seem to want to collaborate with my night owl tendencies, nor does the work ethic of my other half. Alas, I must sacrifice my innate nocturnal ways in order to fit in amongst the diurnal folks with whom I’ve chosen to coexist.

Life is hard.

However, I have found something to soften the blow and feed me the strength to throw my covers aside and welcome the day with open arms (and a loud, morning-breathy yawn)…


Once a week or so, before going to bed, I ask my husband with big, hopeful eyes, “Do you want to get breakfast at Pasticceria Siciliana tomorrow?” (I emphasise before because if I had the choice between bed or breakfast in the morning, while in bed… chances are breakfast would be more appropriately called “lunch”.)

Thankfully, he typically concedes and after the usual struggle to emerge from my cocoon, we are off to the best pastry shop in town to fill our bellies with enough sugar and caffeine to jumpstart our day.

Cafe / Bar / Pastry Shop:

Pasticceria Siciliana



Our usual breakfast of choice: Sfoglia alla ricotta and a coffee.

I think this picture says it all… who wouldn’t want this staring them in the face first thing Monday morning? Filled with ricotta, and once in a while a surprise bit of chocolate or two, and expertly incased in puff pastry with a sprinkle of sugar on top.

Good morning world!

Sicilians know how to wake up a nocturnal heart: with a jolt of sugar and creamy whey.

I’ve only recently discovered cafe-made macchiato freddo, which consists of a glass of cold milk (whole, of course) with a shot of espresso. There’s something about the swirling of freshly-made hot coffee in a glass of cold milk that is oh-so-inviting.

Or, of course, you can opt for the more traditional caffè (also known as espresso) or simply a macchiato (which, despite what coffee chains around the world serve under the same name, is an espresso with a dollop of foamed milk). The possible coffee orders are seemingly endless and are deserving of a blog post dedicated solely to Italy’s favourite time of day: coffee time*!

Stay tuned… post to come… eventually.

After breakfast of course, you can continue to feast your eyes on other traditional Sicilian confections and ponder what to get for… perhaps afternoon coffee? tonight’s dessert?

Sweet and colourful marzipan deceptively disguised as mini fruits.
Everything from fried to baked to covered in what seems to be icing sugar.

* It might be useful to add that to Italians a coffee break is the equivalent to every one else’s water break. It happens several times a day, at all possible hours of the day. How Italy isn’t the most productive country in the world is beyond me!

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