Eating with the Seasons: Autumn

A visual representation of a few fruits and vegetables that are in season in autumn!

I was out for a walk today; on a mission to return two unread library books. What has come of the world today?! Nobody reads books anymore (myself included)! However, that’s another subject all together…

Gingerly steps down from the soapbox.

Let’s stick with the food… food, oh glorious food!

On the way to the local library, I couldn’t help but notice the first leaves of autumn. Alas, summer has come and gone. Welcome again, Autumn!

Probably one of my favourite seasons… not just because I was an autumn baby… but for the colours and the long-awaited cool to replace the summer’s unforgiving heat. The first days of autumn hold promises of an Indian summer that make the few optimists left in this world (probably the same people who read books!) lift their dreamy eyes to the skies in hopes of a better tomorrow.

For me, it also means new ingredients! Move over summer fruit and veg, as delicious as you are, it’s autumn’s turn to shine!

Mushrooms for a hearty risotto!

Figs for jams and cakes!

Pumpkins and squash for creamy spiced soups!

Grapes and pears and nectarines galore!

I almost want to break out in song, but I shall resist… I think the boys of Oliver Twist have done enough singing for one day.

Anyways… happy autumn!

Stay tuned for Parts 2 to 4…



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